Research Interests: My research interests revolve around the following thematic areas: 

Political Economy of Development and Social Protection Governance

Research in this area examines the political economy of development in the global south, including but not limited to how the combination of political and economic factors influence national and regional development, social policy, and governance. The research specifically examines how global politics, governance, and political economy influence the development experiences of countries in the global south, especially the experience of African states. Central to this inquiry is the imperative of understanding the (re)emergence of “social protection” in the global development agenda as well as the influence of the political economy of global development on the diffusion of social protection programs such as conditional cash transfers across countries in the global south. Within this research area, the governance of social protection programs at the global and local levels is critically examined.

(Im)Migration, Settlement and Integration

Research in this area currently revolves around two funded research projects on Immigration, Settlement, and Integration of (im)migrants in northern and rural communities in Canada. The first project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Institutional Grant. Based on a case study of immigration into the City of Sault Sainte Marie, Northern Ontario, the project examines the impact of regionalization on immigration in Canada through an investigation of factors that facilitate or hinder the attraction and retention of immigrants into Northern Ontario. The second project is funded with the Algoma University Research Fund (AURF). It investigates the settlement and integration experiences of international students as migrants in Northern Ontario. The project specifically examines the education, employment, housing, and health related settlement and integration experiences of international students in the northern region.